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Nature & adventure

If you like to see natural wonders from the edge of your seat, try out one of our Nature & Adventure combos for a wild experience that's just the right side of danger. Feel your heart pound and your eyes widen as you spot Great Whites on an eco-friendly cage diving experience, and hear the "Jaws" music in your head turn gradually into a symphony of wonder at the ocean's apex predator. Jump out of your skin as you crawl through the Batu Caves, surrounded by bats and spiders. Or clamber into the canopy for a dizzyingly high walk through the Peruvian rainforest, making friends with monkeys and sloths, and desperately hoping that a boa constrictor doesn't decide to make friends with you! You'll be so hooked on the adrenaline rush, you'll never want the holiday to end...except that you can't wait to see your friends' faces when you tell them about your adventures.